Victron Energy Multiplus Inverter And Chargers

Victron Energy’s Multiplus inverter/chargers range from small (800 Watt) to medium (5000 Watt) to compliment any Off-Grid solar power system. Victron Energy Multiplus inverter/chargers are value for money compared to other manufacturers of Off-Grid Solar or Stand Alone Solar power inverters.

The Multiplus inverter family can be connected together (paralleled) by up to 6 units, so as your family grows and/or as your energy needs grow, another Multiplus inverter can be added to your off-grid solar system. For example, up to 6 x 5kW units can be paralleled giving a total maximum power of 30 kW.

They have a power assist feature – combining both the power of the inverter and a generator in the case that you require some additional power in your workshop.

They are easily set up to work well with most types of generators, can be programmed to auto-start a generator, if required.

The Multiplus inverter/chargers can be set to provide 3 phase power in your home, if required for any Off-Grid solar system.

Stand Alone Power Systems have been supplying Victron Energy’s Multiplus inverter/chargers since 2018. Please refer to our Projects page for examples of these inverters in the field.