Victron Energy MPPT Charge Controller

Victron Energy’s range of Off-Grid Solar Charge Controllers offer some benefits over other manufacturers of solar charge controllers or MPPTs maximum power point trackers.

These benefits include an ultra fast Maximum Power Point Tracker, which is an algorithm inside the unit that finds the maximum power between the voltage and current, this can be up to 10% more yield compared with slower solar charge controllers.

Also when partial shade occurs Victron Energy solar charge controllers finds the optimal power point compared with other charge controllers which tend to “lock-in” a pre-programmed power point.

Another benefit of Victron Energy’s Off-grid solar chargers are that they are rated to their full output at 40C without the use of a cooling fan, which tend to be unreliable in certain conditions i.e. dust and dirt.

Some solar charge controller manufacturers are typically rated at 25C and typically derate at temperatures above this.

Their range of SmartSolar Charge Controllers have an inbuilt Bluetooth to program, monitor and update firmware from an Android or Apple iPhone often saving several of hundreds of dollars in the cost of purchasing a monitoring unit for an Off-Grid solar power system.

Most of Victron Energy’ solar charge controllers are compatible with emerging battery technologies such as lithium-ion or more traditional battery types such as Gel Cell deep cycle solar batteries.

Furthermore, as they are fully programmable via a smart phone as battery technologies become commercialised it is not necessary to make the solar charge controller redundant once batteries need to be replaced.

Another outstanding benefit of the SmartSolar range of charge controllers is that they are able to be remotely accessed via a solar installer provided that there is internet service to fix any issues that may arise.

Which again could save hundreds of dollars in costs for a site visit from a service technician – another great benefit from Victron for an Off-Grid solar system!

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