How Does Charge Controllers Works for Off-Grid Power Systems?

A charge controller regulates the power generated by your solar panels or wind turbine. It ensures batteries receive the correct voltage and prevents overcharging which can damage and shorten the life of battery banks.

There are many companies making charge controllers for off-grid and solar usage. However, most charge controllers require a separately purchased external screen to monitor the status of the system.

The majority of people now own multiple portable entertainment devices, like phones and tablet computers, so it makes sense to tap into this technology to monitor your off-grid system.

A little while ago I wrote an article about a company in the U.S called MidNite and their lightening arrestors which I believe are some of the best on the market.

In this article I’d again like to highlight a MidNite product as they are one of the few to tap into mobile device based monitoring technology with their Classic Solar Charger.

The Classic Solar Charger is fully Internet capable meaning status monitoring can be done from anywhere in your house, your town, or in fact anywhere in the World.

You can receive alarms regarding system performance such as low battery, battery temperature, solar panel failure and also check the current status of the system through the MidNite Solar local App available for free download to your iPhone or Android device.

Many people living on remote properties are now building other forms of power generation into their systems. The MidNite Classic Solar Charger is also the only solar charge controller that accepts multiple inputs such as solar, wind, hydro and fuel cells.

The MidNite Classic Solar Charger comes with built-in arc fault protection against damage to the unit, meaning that if your solar cables are damaged in any way causing a short circuit then the MidNite Classic will not be damaged and reduce the risk of electrical fires from your off-grid system.

If you want to talk with someone experienced with the MidNite Classic Solar Charger and all other charge controller units on the market to see which unit is best for your needs, then contact our Off-Grid Solar System Designer, Mark, via the contact page.

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