5 kW Off-Grid Solar - Sunshine Coast Hinterland

On a rural property on the Sunshine Coast’s hinterland sits this 5 kW Off-grid solar power system. It suits a family of five comfortably with all their power needs from summer through to winter.

The system is perfectly matched with a 5 kW solar array and 5 kW inverter-charger. The battery bank has a capacity of 40 kW/hours – ample to run the house for a few days with overcast weather. The system is also generator auto-start capable.

A Victron Energy Multiplus 5 kW inverter-charger was used in this application as the inverter supplies mains power to the house whilst being capable to act as a charger from another mains source i.e. generator to recharge the battery bank. The Victron Multiplus is capable of supplying 10 kW instantaneously!

The battery bank consists of Exide’s Energystore Gel range that are maintenance-free, specifically designed for renewable energy and have a life expectancy typically over 10 years. These batteries when designed correctly will give a life cycle comparable with lithium-iron batteries.

The Midnite Solar Classic charger was chosen for this Off-grid solar system due to having a simple and easy to understand display regarding the performance of the systems electrical data.

After the advice from Stand Alone Power Systems, they decided that 15 x 330 Watt Suntech solar panels, a Midnite Solar 88 Amp MPPT solar charger, a Victron Multiplus 5000Watt/ 70 Amp inverter/charger and 24 x 830 Amp-hour Exide Energystore deep-cycle batteries would be the right choice.

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