3 kW Off-Grid Solar - Sandy Creek

This 3 kW Off-grid solar system is situated in the Somerset Region west of Brisbane on a rural property of a retired couple. It provides all of their electrical needs including all domestic appliances and enough to power a workshop. The cost of mains connection to the property was prohibitively expensive so they opted to go off-grid.

This Off-Grid solar system consists of a 3 kW solar array, 3 kW inverter/charger, 16 kW/hours of battery capacity and a 70 Amp solar charger.

The solar array consists of 3 x 340 Watt Trina solar panels, an Outback 3 kW/ 85 Amp inverter/charger, 12 x 670 Amp-hour Exide Energystore Gel deep cycle batteries and a Victron 70 Amp solar charger.

The system is able to be viewed remotely via their smartphone which alleviates the need to having to go to the system to ensure that it is working correctly. This is done via Victron Energy’s free application “Victron Connect”.

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