2 kW Off Grid Solar - Goonengerry

This 2 kW Off Grid Solar system is nestled in the hinterland of Byron Bay’s Northern Rivers region of Northern New South Wales.

It supplies off grid solar power to a small cabin used for weekend use including a refrigerator running constantly, entertainment equipment i.e flatscreen t.v, sound system, lighting and a water pump.

The system includes 8 x 250 Watt Suntech solar panels, 4 x 330 Amp-hour Sonnenschein Gel batteries designed for Off Grid Solar systems, a Victron Multiplus 1600 Watt inverter/charger and a Victron 35 Amp mppt solar charge controller – both of which are designed for Off Grid solar systems.

The owners are very content with this system, saying that it was an excellent alternative to the generator they used previously.

They can arrive at their weekender on a Friday night and the fridge is running, they can relax and watch a movie and no longer have to remember to take fuel for their generator!

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