5kW Off Grid Solar System Installations

This 5kw Off Grid Solar System can be applied to any home or shed.

The deep-cycle battery bank supplies over 60 kW/hours of electrical energy, meaning that this system is completely operable all year round with the deep cycle batteries storing sufficient power in the advent of several days of overcast weather. Located on the North side of Brisbane this 5kw off grid solar system was a solution to getting reliable electricity to a site where the main grid was several kilometres away and the cost of connection was in the 10’s of $1,000’s.

The SP PRO inverter-charger includes an inbuilt charger, so if a recharge of the battery bank is required it can be set up automatically to start a generator to recharge.

The SP PRO can deliver 15 kW instaneously to start air-conditioners, pool pumps, welders and transfer pumps. It can also be combined with a generator to deliver the output of the inverter and generator.

Monitor Your Off Grid Solar System

This 5kw stand alone solar system also includes a monitoring system screen which serves as a useful tool for monitoring system performance. System monitoring is particularly important for an investment in off grid solar. Most systems now have internet enabled monitoring, so that there is no need to be home to check the performance of a system. Similarly, your installer can check on a system via the internet if there is an issue.

Power Everything with your 5kw Off Grid Solar System

This Off Grid Solar system supplies all essential power to a rural household.

Electrical items supplied by this standalone solar power system include two fridges/freezers in the house, all lighting and fans, the washing machine, TV, computer, water pumps and the complete workshop including welder, power saw, drills and car hoist.