Victron Energy All In One Models

Victron Energy’s range of Easy Solar “all in one” models include a solar charger and inverter/charger in a single enclosure.

These units are specifically designed for Off-Grid solar applications for ease of installation with a minimum of wiring, therefore reducing installation time and costs.

The Victron Energy Easy Solar units range from 1.6 kVA to 5 kVA and from 12 Volt to 48 Volts, meaning that they cover most small to medium applications in the Off-Grid solar domestic market.

They include circuit protection - circuit breakers - for solar input and also have the circuit protection for mains power side including safety switches.

They also have an inbuilt charger - battery charger - so that they can accept a recharge from a generator. They have the ability to remote start a generator in the case that solar energy is not available.

Stand Alone Power Systems has supplied these units to customers and have not had any complaints regarding their performance.

If you have an existing off-grid solar power system that has either became redundant or is in need of upgrading then a Victron Energy “all in one” Easy Solar model may be a solution to getting you “powered-up”