7.5 kW Off the Grid Solar System - Millmerran

Living off the grid for this rural household includes a 7.5 kW solar array, 2 solar charge controllers, a 8 kW off grid solar inverter and a 65 kW/hr battery bank – suitable to run air-conditioners plus all the modern amenities people expect to run from an Off Grid solar system today.

This Off Grid Solar system generates an average of 33 kW/hrs per day on average which is adequate for a modern house with efficient appliances including washing machine, fridge, television, entertainment, lighting, kitchen appliances, water pumping and workshop.

The 7.5 kW solar array has enough power to run two air-conditioners whilst still recharging the battery bank after night time usage. This system was installed by Stand Alone Power Systems in 2 stages – 3.5 kW were installed in 2012 and 4 kW were installed in 2017.

It was a solution of getting reliable electricity to a site where the cost of mains connection was quoted at $32,626.

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